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Téma: Super charger install block drilling

Super charger install block drilling 1 měsíc 3 dní zpět #1454

  • Johneames
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No new cars really catch my eye like the c, so it's getting a refresh.... Sooooo I'm ready to pull the trigger on the vf supercharger kit. ? I'll be doing the install myself in my driveway, but the only bit that I'm still trying to figure out would be the best way to tap the block for the oil return line. I've found a number of posts detailing the install, but all of the images are down. Can it be done without removing the whole rad support? Would it be possible to lower the engine enough to tap the right spot?
Any experiences would be helpful.
Side note 1:
I know these often turn into turbo vs sc. I have researched booth. I am not looking for big power that rips the rest of an old car apart and going down that rabbit hole. ?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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Super charger install block drilling 3 týdnů 4 dní zpět #1469

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With this topic i relly dont know. Maybe will be better you go to Dealer with this quastion :-)
So Sorry
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Super charger install block drilling 3 týdnů 3 dní zpět #1474

  • daniel83
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Vypadá to, že tento uživatel tady spamuje už hodně témat..
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